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We are a close-knit architectural practice that thrives on delivering elegant and well-considered projects.

We are renowned for the efficiency of our process, and our ability to consistently find the perfect balance between the commercial realities and creative opportunities present in any given brief. 

This consistency is underpinned by our ability to bring together a series of inputs, both project unique and firm specific in a formula honed over 38 years. One which has taken us from strength to strength, and proven multi-award winning.


We don't design for awards; we design for people.
But once in a while, it's nice to take stock of external measures of success.

British Council for Offices

Scottish Property Awards

Scottish Design Awards

National Residential Awards

National Retail Awards

National Education Awards



Our projects
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We wouldn't risk our reputation on architects that we didn't feel could match up.

Stephen Lewis HFD Property Group Ltd

It's no co-incidence that we hired Cooper Cromar in Glasgow, and they now certainly have everyone's attention down here in Leeds.

Nick Lee CEG

They never come to us with a problem they don't already have a solution to.

David Watts British Land

Cooper Cromar just get it.

Gerry Mather BAM Properties