Granton Waterfront Plans Submitted for Major Development

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Cooper Cromar has submitted a planning application for CCG on behalf of the City of Edinburgh Council for 444 vibrant mixed tenure flats in the Granton Waterfront area.

Western Villages, a former industrial belt, marks the first phase of the council-led ‘Development Framework’ which ensures that placemaking is at the heart of the design while championing low carbon transport, active travel and sustainable development, supporting the council’s recent commitment to achieving net zero carbon by 2030 and the emerging themes of the City Mobility Strategy and City Plan 2030.

The proposals focus on adopting active travel routes for pedestrians and cyclists, selective direct street access to ground-floor flats and communal open amenity spaces at the heart of each block.

Homes will have direct access to Forthquarter Park and to the beach along West Shore Road, with blocks positioned to take advantage of views toward both. Recessed corner and inset balconies will provide visual relief to the brick facades with taller six-storey elements forming a 'gateway' entrance off Marine Drive.

Our design proposals adopt and ensure a pedestrian/cyclist active travel design solution has been developed with a range of hard and soft landscaped public, semi public and private spaces that are easily identified throughout the development as placemaking opportunities for both the enjoyment of the occupants and wider community.

Materials have been carefully considered given the marine exposure and to provide a selection of scale, contrast and texture throughout the development defining locations for placemaking and visual interest.

Car club parking has been located centrally within the development to provide the community with the ability to access vehicle hire given the city edge location.

A range of tenure blind housing will be delivered being affordable rent, mid-market rent, market rent, and outright sale. Several wheelchair accessible flats will be provided within the affordable blocks to ensure a sustainable approach and integration within the wider neighbourhoods.