Hi-Tech District Heating Network Centre first of its kind in Scotland

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The District Heating Network, the first large-scale water source heat pump of its kind in Scotland, has reached completion and is now operational in Queens Quay, Clydebank (formerly John Brown’s Shipyard).

The energy centre, designed by ADF/Cooper Cromar, extracts water from the River Clyde and generates heat for homes and businesses via 5km of insulated pipework making Dalmuir one of the greenest areas in the country.

The first stage of the switch on now supplies carbon-free heat to West Dunbartonshire Council’s Aurora House, the Titan Enterprise Centre, Clydebank Leisure Centre and new care home Queen’s Quay House, also designed by Cooper Cromar.

Pipework is in place to supply heat to the new Clydebank Heath Centre as well as over 140 homes and retail units on site, Clydebank Library and Clydebank Town Hall. There are also plans for the energy centre to expand its supply to the Golden Jubilee Hospital, Clyde Shopping Centre and the town centre.

Councillor Marie McNair said: “We have a long and proud history of industry at the River Clyde on this site, and I welcome the new system which will mean the River and its water can again be used to support its residents. The design of the Energy Centre has also been chosen to complement our town’s landmark features, including mirrored cladding to reflect the River and Titan Crane."